Thursday, June 10, 2010

sneak peek ...

Quilt of Valor... ( i believe i'll make another! )

Nikki's Block ...
(ok, i had it on my design wall with that stripe Jaimie used, 
considered keeping it in for unity, debated using the "Scooby doo"
.. but liked the way the funky flowers on brown 
plays with other "flowers" ...
this is my favorite combo, because i really wanted to use Hushabye! ) ...
I had fun playing with the ONE block
... crazy sense of freedom when it's ONE block & not a whole quilt! 

In addition, even though it's not for our block exchange
- i want to share this block for another group quilt project
(it's a bit blurry, i was tired and thought it was my eyes ... ;0)
~ but i guess not, 
Life has been to crazy to go take and upload another photo ...
my next phone will take amazing pictures!
~ let's just pretend i meant to photograph it blurry
to give it an element of mystery! ~
ta ta for now - Ciao!
~ more later! 

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