Monday, September 20, 2010

Wonky Star for Paula

I had fun digging for orange fabrics to make this wonky star for you, Paula.  Hope you like it!
The bluebirds of happiness are sure cute!  What a fun quilt you are going to have.
Happy quilting,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Paula's Bluebird of Happiness: Block 3

This one's Paula's favorite of the 3. My favorite, too!

Paula's Bluebird of Happiness: Block 2

Paula's Bluebird of happiness, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.
I thought I'd be a little daring and add some orange batik. GIves it a pop, doesn't it?

Paula's Bluebird of Happiness: Block 1

I had some fun with these little bluebirds tonight. So much fun that I made 3 blocks!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Mug Rug for Paula

An extra mug rug for Paula, originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes.

I've not made any wonky stars before, so tonight I got out Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Marston and gave myself a crash course.

This is a 6 inch block. Paula's requesting 12 inch (finished) blocks, but since she gave us a whole fat quarter of her bluebird fabric, I thought I'd practice a bit before diving in seriously.

I had to re-do two of the four units with triangles in them. I think this is something that will get easier as I do more of them and it's a fun block to make, that's for sure.

I enjoyed using some of my solids and was lucky enough to be able to match up the colors of the light blue and green fabric pretty well. The orange border is a batik that brings out the detail in the leaves and the birds' beaks. The binding is some stuff I recently used for my Urban Swap table runner. It's a few years old. I think it's Free Spirit, but am not sure of the line.

Instead of giving Paula an extra block that's 6 inches big, I decided she might want a mug rug to go with her quilt, so I whipped this together pretty quickly tonight. Paula's in the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap with me on Flickr. If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out!

Enjoy, Paula!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Toni, by Jessica

Talk about last minute, I finished these blocks for Toni last night.  I had fun making them, though!  They were pretty low stress and a lot of fun to make! 

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

I used this tutorial to make these.  I eyeballed them though, because I thought it would make them a little more "scrappy" looking.  I like the second block better.  I think it has more personality: it's fatter, has a striped body, and a brighter wing color.  :)

I found this black fabric in my stash and thought it looked pretty organic and vine-ey.  I had just enough to finish two blocks.  I used my color wheel to pick out a complimentary color to use as the body for the butterflies. 

I left the blocks kind of a weird size because Toni didn't specify a final size.  I trimmed them to the biggest rectangle I could and figured Toni could slice them as necessary to fit them into the quilt. 

Hope you like them!  I had fun making them for you.  :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hannah's Block for Toni

Here is the block I made for Toni.  I had a really hard time figuring this one out, but I'm happy enough with how it turned out (I mean, you can tell it's a butterfly, right?).  The solids are Kona Ash and Kona Sky (it looks like white, but it's really a very very pale blue).  I'm hoping to have more info about how I pieced it on my blog very soon.

Unfortunately, I won't be at the guild meeting on Thursday (my husband's sister is getting married down in Houston this weekend.  I'm actually on the airplane getting ready to fly down there right now), so the block is in the mail to you right now, Toni!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just finished Toni's block and the sig block - Toni, I think you'll like it! Can't find my camera, so no photos, my lovelies - you will see it at the meeting this week!

I now have all my blocks for my month - when I am not super busy with school I will put them all together. They are so amazing - such an amazing gift from a fun group of ladies!