Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Toni, by Jessica

Talk about last minute, I finished these blocks for Toni last night.  I had fun making them, though!  They were pretty low stress and a lot of fun to make! 

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

I used this tutorial to make these.  I eyeballed them though, because I thought it would make them a little more "scrappy" looking.  I like the second block better.  I think it has more personality: it's fatter, has a striped body, and a brighter wing color.  :)

I found this black fabric in my stash and thought it looked pretty organic and vine-ey.  I had just enough to finish two blocks.  I used my color wheel to pick out a complimentary color to use as the body for the butterflies. 

I left the blocks kind of a weird size because Toni didn't specify a final size.  I trimmed them to the biggest rectangle I could and figured Toni could slice them as necessary to fit them into the quilt. 

Hope you like them!  I had fun making them for you.  :)

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ScrappyStuff said...

you guys did a great job - they're very cheery and make me happy!