Sunday, October 30, 2011

A start for steph

I haven't stitched yet, but here's what I've got so far for Steph. Depending on how well I am able to do on the stitches tomorrow on my
Mother-in-law's pfaff & if I'm able to make it to the store to get some more heat & bond, I may make the optional block, too. We shall see.

Now I need to get very serious on finishing my habitat project.

I'm getting excited about next month's block. Nancy is using some pretty kona earth tones. Not my normal color scheme, so it will make things even more interesting for me. :)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hibiscus block for Steph!

Check out my block for Steph! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and turned out super cute :) I can't wait to see how the final quilt comes together!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A New Look

I gave our blog a new look... What do you guys think?

Here's a picture of what we've been doing that's been keeping me out of the sewing room...  Camping!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Toni's KC Scrappy Bee Blocks!

October is Toni's KC Scrappy Bee month...last night I sewed up her blocks.  Super easy and super fun...that free form circle thing kinda went against my precise nature, but after the first few I relaxed and realized it was OK to not be uptight! Thanks, Toni for these blocks they were so much fun!

These are the first blocks that I have sewn with my new/old toy...I love the sound of her whirring away. She used to have some tension issues, but she got over it and is nice and relaxed too!

Looking forward to seeing all you ladies on Thursday night!  Yippee!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Batiks.....anybody need some?

Batiks here...

Batiks here......

                                                                                   and here...

So, I have a few Batiks, a rather nice selection of Batiks as a matter of fact.  If you are in need of a fat quarter or two let me know and I will bring a selection to the next meeting.

I know not everyone has the love of batiks that I have.  I love them.  They are unusual and one of a kind cuts.  They smell a little and seem a little stiff until you wash them but they are just fabulous.  They are crisp when you press and don't have the stretch that normal cottons do.  So have no fear.  This Batik adventure Steph is sending us on for the next block is going to be wonderful.   Machine applique, no problem.  Easy peasy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hi everybody!!  Today is my month and I'm feeling alittle Hawaiian inspired!!  So what I'm giving you all for this month's challenge is my Hawaiian Hibiscus Infusion applique block. The above picture is what I did.  The left is the completed block and the right will be your template.

What you will receive is a 11 inch batik block, the hibiscus template (for the "just incase you mess up" purposes), a piece of Heat & Bond that I have already traced the pattern on, and a smaller hibiscus block template IF you want to make another block for me.
1) I would like for you to use a contrasting color for your block.  I would like it BRIGHT and BATIK or HAND DYED (NO EXCEPTIONS) because that's what Hawaii is all about, in my eyes.
2) I am assuming everybody has done applique before..If not I've provided all of you with a traced piece of Heat & Bond.  Place it on the back of the piece of fabric you are using for the flower but with Batiks I don't think there is a right side or wrong side and iron it on.  So after that wait a few minutes for it to cool and cut out the pattern.  Then peel off the Heat & Bond, CENTER the Hibiscus flower onto the block & iron on.  I always wait awhile before I sew because that allows the adhesive to take to the fabric.
3) I would love for everyone to attempt to match the thread with the hibiscus flower.  If not whatever comes close.  I'm very anal with my applique but that's just me!!
4) When sewing down the Hibiscus flower I am asking everyone to use the BLANKET STITCH.   Please set your machine to WIDTH at 2.5mm and LENGTH at 1.4mm.  YOU MAY HAVE TO ADJUST YOUR WIDTH FOR THE STYBUS THAT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOWER.  I would do that last.
5) Do not trim the block.  I will do that when they get returned to me.
6) If you are up to making another block...I'm asking for a 8.5 inch batik block and a contasting batik color for the Hibiscus flower and the stitch should be the same.
7) HAVE FUN!!!  I know some of you are attempting to get mentally challenged for this but really, it's super duper fun!!  Sometimes straight lines get really boring!!

I'm hoping that I've given you all the instructions there is to do my block.  Any questions let me know.  I will be giving you all the blocks either by mail or guild....