Friday, June 4, 2010

Hannah's Blocks for Nikki

Here is my Quilts of Valor block:

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, however I didn't square it up because I discovered that my cutting mat must have gotten warped when I moved (womp womp), so all of my cuts were slightly off. Rather than square it up to wrong dimensions and risk making it worse, I decided to just send it off as is. Sorry about that Nikki! If it's in too bad of shape I'll definitely make another block when I'm back from my honeymoon and have gotten myself a new, undamaged mat.

Also, here's a sneak-peak at my block for Nikki's quilt. I'll bring it to the meeting in July - it's the first meeting I can finally make!

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Nikki said...

I am positively giddy. So excited. You guys are AWESOME!

No worries about the QOV block. I have some wiggle room on the size and I know a trick to make it all ok. Will be setting them on point with more of the red in between, so I can add a touch of red to the outside of the block if needed.

And LOOK at my sneak peek! I can hardly wait to start putting this baby together!!! :) Thank you, Hannah!

Enjoy the next few weeks and the excitement of all of the wedding festivities! Talk to you when things calm down a bit!