Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Bit About Me-Parthena's Roast

(Edited by Nikki to add picture because Parthena didn't post one!  This was taken during a jewelry making class we took a few months ago.)

1.  Do you have a quilting "style"?

Yeah, it's called beginner. :)

 2.  Do you tend to use certain colors more than others?  Or prints more than solids?  

I'm more drawn toward pinks lately. Probably because there is an overabundance of testosterone running wild in my house. I also really love thirties prints but haven't made anything out of them yet. Just collecting.  

3.  Are there any colors you strictly avoid?           Not really.

4.  Have there been any blocks that you've made in the past that you particularly enjoyed making?  Any that you hated and never want to do again?  

I like blocks with triangles in them but hate making sure there is a point.  Frustrating!

5.  Is there something in your life that you collect or are fond of? (Are you a KSU fan who loves purple??? Do you have lots of cats???  Do you collect owls or antique china or stamps???  Are you addicted to sushi???  Help us get to know some details about you and your taste...)

I love collecting yarn for knitting and crochet, fabric for quilting, and paper for scrapbooking(I still have to start that one).

6.  Are you into art quilts? or do you mostly make quilts with the intention of them being used regularly?

 I would like to do both in the future.  I really enjoy seeing art quilts and how they are made so someday, but first to learning the basics. 

7.  Do you usually do small projects, such as wall hangings or baby blankets or do you usually make quilts?

 I have many baby quilts as well as two queen size quilts in the works. All of them are to be used and not hung up at this point.

8.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? If I could live anywhere it would be on a beach somewhere. 

 Costa Rica is my first choice right now but have looked around at islands in the Caribbean. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later.

9.  What's your favorite place that you've traveled to before?  I can't just choose  one.  I love Greece, and Bolivia.   

10.  If we looked in your closet, what are the two colors we'd see the most?

 Right now, turquoise and fuschia.

11.  In your fabric collection, what groupings of fabric do you have (30's?  Batiks?  Modern stuff?  Certain designers?  Solids?  Asian fabric???, Etc.) 

I have a little bit of everything.   30's, solids, moda squares, australian fabric

12.  Which is more important to you?  The look of the fabric or the feel of

First I look at the fabric and then the feel.  

13.  Are there any charities in your life that you're passionate about?
  I don't know about charities but Heifer Project is a favorite. 

 I'm also looking into finding an organization that I like that supports women abroad in education/work opportunities.  Women are always the future!

14.  Besides quilting, are you crafty in other ways?  If so, tell us more...

I enjoy knitting and crocheting.  When I'm in the mood I like to cook.  You can get crafty with food if you have time.

15.  Do you have in mind what you'd like your quilting project to be?  Any ideas on blocks or color schemes?  Will you be making your quilt for someone else? or for yourself? 

 Since I'm last I have plenty of time to think about it.  


Nikki said...

Thanks for posting, Parthena! I know you pretty well but I actually learned a thing or two!

Wonder what kind of fabric stores they have in Costa Rica...

Nikki said...

Forgive me for adding a picture, but since you've missed the last couple of meetings, everyone needs to have a face to go with your name!