Friday, June 25, 2010

Quilting Right Along...

So I'm really enjoying getting blocks here and there from you guys.

Our Quilt of Valor blocks look great.  I still have a few to collect, but I'm cool with getting them at the July meeting when my June daisy blocks are due.

I intend to set the QOV blocks on point (12 of them) with the red fabric in between and all around.  Will get a little more creative on borders and I'll use the red for a backing.  Hopefully this will help me make a big dent in the bolt of red fabric that I have.  It's such a LOUD red that it's been hard for me to use it with other stuff we've got.

The extra blocks from our QOV month will go into another quilt.  I typically gather up blocks for a month or two that people make and donate to our cause and then make samplers out of them.  Here's an example of that from the past:

Next month's blocks (mid July to mid August) will be for Andrea!  I'm sure she will make a post soon (hint, hint) to tell us what she has in store for us...  

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