Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playing Catch up!

Oy vey! ... where does the time go?! We did get to enjoy our family a wee bit ... But now that  Youngest 2 kiddo's back to school, and i'm not gonna lie, we survived the worst summer EVER! -- i want to thank you all for your patience and kindness while my 'old man' was recouping ~ Over the last few weeks i have finally been able to carve out some time for sewing therapy ... and have FINALLY gotten the pictures downloaded & uploaded ... etc.

Just wanted to share with you what happily keeps me up at night!

Parthena's Wonky House!

Beth's Flying Geese
Quake Quilt for Nikki
 Concluding Round I 
& Beginning Round II
... & bringing US current thru August! 
I really have enjoyed playing with the different Ideas! 
Thanx Ladies!

Spiderweb Quilt for Caitlin
Paula's Broken Dishes
PS. ~ ladies:
PLEASE post updated photos of your  Block "collections"!
I wanna SEE

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Nikki said...

You've been a busy lady! Love em. Thank you! So glad life is returning to a calmer state for you. :)