Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lava and Broken Dishes!!!

First let me thank all of you for my Boken Dishes Neptune Style blocks.  I also belong to the BEE Neptune Bee and had them make the same block for me.  I plan to put it all together first chance I get.  I know this block was no challenge at for all of you but simple is sometimes nice.  This is going to be a great quilt!

Here are Toni's Lava blocks.  Hope they are not too wonkyfied for you!  I didn't try to make them uniform at all so how they came out was just as they were when I cut them.  I had to put some purple lava in there.  Lava is sometimes purple, right?  Anyway I hope you like them Toni.  Your quilt should be fabulous.


ScrappyStuff said...

Oh Paula, i am so glad you posted your collection of 'Broken Dishes' ... I always wonder what the wee bit 'we' do will look like together. The fabrics are really fun!

As for my blocks they are PERFECT - and my favorite color is purple (i only have an aversion to PINK ...i was drown in it as a child!)
~ i love them and cant wait to get them together with the butterflies!
... any suggestions on how to quilt it will be welcome!

Beth said...

Paula, I just found your blocks in my purse yesterday! I say 2 rows behind you through the whole meeting last week and never gave them to you!
I blame it on Caitlin's adorable baby that I sat right behind. I couldn't take my eyes off her!
would you email me your address so I can mail them to you?

ScrappyStuff said...

beth - do you have a blog? or flickr? I'd love to see your collection of Flying Geese!

Mary Anne said...

I'm so bummed - I didn't get a picture taken of the broken dishes blocks I made for you, Paula. But...I see them on your design wall so that works for me!

Toni...these bullseye blocks look like they'll be a lot of fun! I'll try to be a good bee-er and post some pics when I'm done. I'll be sure to hum a happy little tune as I sew. ;-)