Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nikki's blocks for June: Quake Quilt

I got this fabulous idea from my friend Ali in the Lovely Linen Bee.  For her month, we used a tutorial she whipped up to make a Quake Quilt!  It's pretty clearly written, but let me know if you have any questions.  I see no reason to re-invent the wheel, so I'd like for you guys to use her directions...

I have a couple modifications:
1. Instead of linen, I'll be supplying you with some white flannel to be the background.
2. I'd like for you to use strips from your stash of scraps that read as the following colors:  blue, green, purple, gray, and black.  Can be prints or solids.  Batiks are fine, too, as long as they're pre-washed. It's cool if there are other colors in the print, as long as the fabric reads one of the above colors.  I'm including some prints cut into strips from my stash.  Feel free to use these along with yours.  I'm going to make more blocks than we'll get out of this bee, so I'd like it if you'd return what you don't use.
3. When cutting these strips, remember that using a variety in widths and lengths will add interest.  Also, I don't mind selvages showing here and there if they look nice.
*** Edited to add the following****
 4.  Nancy pointed out that I only gave you three strips of white flannel (two short strips and one taller one) and in the tutorial I've linked to, she gave us 2 short strips of background fabric and 2 taller ones).  I know I'm already asking a lot by thinking outside the box with this one, so I didn't want to get too greedy.  3 white strips background flannel went to everyone.  Hopefully, this won't be too time consuming.  Again, you don't have to use all of the white unless you're feeling really generous and sweet. ;)

I'm planning on making a quilt that's about 86 inches wide.  Instead of asking you for a particular sized block, I'm asking that you make a row that is between 40" and 86" wide.  I think you will find that this to be a relatively simple tutorial that lends itself to chain piecing.  Typically in this bee, we have asked for one 12 inch block, so this request is a little different...  I hope you guys don't mind me thinking outside the box.

Here's a LINK to a mock-up that Ali made when preparing for her bee month.  Check out the cool way she arranged the rows.

I am bringing a baby quilt that I made with the same materials I'm giving you guys.  I'll bring it to KCMQG to show and tell tonight.  Here is a picture:

Thanks, everyone!  I'm excited!!!

***Edited to add:  ****
PS  I'm not the kind of girl that presses seams open.  Please press seams to the side if you haven't started yet.  Thanks!

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ScrappyStuff said...

quick question:
Width = 8.5 inches wide?
and up to 86" LONG?

just want to verify ... i know i go round & round with my kids re:
length/width/height/ ... depth ... vertical/horizontal ... rt/left ... north/south ...
~ just want to verify, thanks!