Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beth's Geese

I made this block as a "test" block for Beth.
I pulled some fabric from stash in Beth's color preferences.  Not being confident about my somewhat rusty paper piecing skills I didn't want to use Beth's fabric.

I could always use Beth's fabric in another geese block if this block went wrong!

It didn't turn out too bad and I only forgot to trim one seam and had one seam that was a little skimpy.  When finished I saw a secondary design that I wanted to show so I made Beth's real block with her fabric choices.

I like how it turned out!  I hope Beth does too.

Today is catch up day so I had better get my block for BEE Neptune and then Nikki's strip block!


Nikki said...

These are great, Paula! This is a great example of a block that I'm too chicken to try... Might get brave one of these days and just do it... They're fabulous.

Beth said...

Paula! Wow! I love it! You are so intricately creative! I'm impressed.