Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carla's Survey

Me and my best friend and husband, in May, when he received his MBA diploma from Rockhurst...the oldest guy in the class!!


1.  Do you have a quilting "style"?  Hmmmm.....I always love quilts with loads of different fabrics, the more the merrier.  I am lately adding white to my quilts. Is that a style?

 2.  Do you tend to use certain colors more than others?  Or prints more than solids?  I adore color....usually don't do browns and "duller" colors...except I love grey. I'm currently working on an all solids quilt, but that's something "new" for me.

3.  Are there any colors you strictly avoid? Fushia is one color I have never been able to "like". But then, I didn't used to even consider grey a color!

4.  Have there been any blocks that you've made in the past that you particularly enjoyed making?  Any that you hated and never want to do again? I made some asterick blocks for a bee I am in and have decided to make a whole fun! I once made a miniature quilt in a class.......never again....those tiny pieces make me break out in hives! That's not really a block, but the whole quilt was smaller than most blocks that I make! 

5.  Is there something in your life that you collect or are fond of? (Are you a KSU fan who loves purple??? Do you have lots of cats???  Do you collect owls or antique china or stamps???  Are you addicted to sushi???  Help us get to know some details about you and your taste...) Well, fabric is one of my collectibles...probably yours as well.  I do have a collection of blue and white dishes...all different.  We eat off of them every day......especially ice cream (I think that's an addiction?) 

6.  Are you into art quilts? or do you mostly make quilts with the intention of them being used regularly? Embellishments on quilts are not my thing, so I guess that's a "no" to art quilts.  The quilts I make are made to be cuddled, as a rule.

7.  Do you usually do small projects, such as wall hangings or baby blankets or do you usually make quilts? 
I have made all sizes of quilts....lately it has been lap size because I have been making so many donation quilts for an orphanage in Rwanda. I've been making quilts for over 30 years.

8.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? I only want to live near my children and grandchildren, where ever that is. I do wish that KC had less winter, though!!

9.  What's your favorite place that you've traveled to before? I visited Germany about 8 years ago and loved it.  I also loved Hawaii (who doesn't?). 

10.  If we looked in your closet, what are the two colors we'd see the most? I just went and checked.  What a hodgepodge. Maybe turquoise and brown.  It's really a mix!

11.  In your fabric collection, what groupings of fabric do you have (30's?  Batiks?  Modern stuff?  Certain designers?  Solids?  Asian fabric???, Etc.) No Asians (except for some 5 inch squares I traded...for some unknown reason) and no batiks (well, a few)...those two categories are my least favorites.  I have lots of 30's. Quite a few solids lately. Love modern fabrics.  Have lots of old fabrics that I no longer enjoy as much..Let's face it.  I have lots of fabric...but not as much a some, I think.

12.  Which is more important to you?  The look of the fabric or the feel of it? LOOK but I do love a "smooth" texture.

13.  Are there any charities in your life that you're passionate about?
 You probably all know that I make quilts for  orphans in sending 12 there this month along with 15 made by other quilters. 

14.  Besides quilting, are you crafty in other ways?  If so, tell us more... I've always made stuff..majored in Home Economics Education in college.  I used to have a clothing business in the 90's called A Merry Heart. It featured appliqued jumpers and shirts (you know the look!) A have also made and sold country wooden stuff at one time.  If you shop with me, you might hear me say "oh, don't buy that, you could make it!"

15.  Do you have in mind what you'd like your quilting project to be?  Any ideas on blocks or color schemes?  Will you be making your quilt for someone else? or for yourself?  I will be wanting to recreate a quilt that I made to send to Rwanda.  I showed it at guild in June. It's an X-block done in scraps with white and charcoal solids as the base......but my month is February..I could change my mind 10 times by then!

Here are some pictures of quilts I've made or are currently working on:
                               I'm working on a hexagon quilt in Hope Valley fabrics by Denyse Schmidt.
Here's a parade of quilts that will be going to New Hope Homes in Rwanda.  Isn't this a fun picture?

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Nikki said...

What a great picture of you and your hubby! So inspirational. I've been thinking of going back to school when my boys start school in a couple of years.

Thanks for filling out my little survey! I want to go shopping with you, now!