Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Angela

1. Do you have a quilting "style"?
Not really, I like to make all sorts of random stuff, just whatever catches my eye at the time.

2. Do you tend to use certain colors more than others? Or prints more than solids?

I am a sucker for brown, all shades, isn't that kind of boring?

3. Are there any colors you strictly avoid?

I am not a huge fan of purple, but after seeing some purple and gray quilts on the web, I may have to rethink that.

4. Have there been any blocks that you've made in the past that you particularly enjoyed making? Any that you hated and never want to do again?

I made an 8 pointed lemoine star for my second quilt, swore I would never do that again and I haven't! I made some asterisk blocks for bee and loved them. I think that may be my next project.

5. Is there something in your life that you collect or are fond of? (Are you a KSU fan who loves purple??? Do you have lots of cats??? Do you collect owls or antique china or stamps??? Are you addicted to sushi???

I love to take pictures and edit them on photoshop. I joke that if I liked quilting any less, I would be a photographer. I am also a coffee-aholic.

6. Are you into art quilts? or do you mostly make quilts with the intention of them being used regularly?

I have made a couple of small art quilts, but I tend to make utility quilts more than anything.

7. Do you usually do small projects, such as wall hangings or baby blankets or do you usually make quilts?

My first quilt was a king size quilt, but the rest have been twin size and smaller. I don't have the attention span to actually finish a big quilt.

8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I think I would love to live in the mountains, maybe colorado.

9. What's your favorite place that you've traveled to before?

Probably Hawaii, we skipped all the "touristy" stuff and spent all our time exploring the island.

10. If we looked in your closet, what are the two colors we'd see the most? I just went and checked. What a hodgepodge.

Black and gray, to my husband's dismay. I am so boring.

11. In your fabric collection, what groupings of fabric do you have (30's? Batiks? Modern stuff? Certain designers? Solids? Asian fabric???, Etc.)

I actually don't have much of a fabric collection...I seem to collect thread. But I have a bunch of Tula Pink and urban angel fabric that I love.

12. Which is more important to you? The look of the fabric or the feel of the fabric?

I would say the look, but quality is nice too.

Definitely the look, although a high quality fabric is nice too.

13. Are there any charities in your life that you're passionate about?

14. Besides quilting, are you crafty in other ways? If so, tell us more...

I love to make stuff, and will try to make anything. Sometimes with disastrous results. I have been making some clothes for the first time and have really enjoyed it.

15. Do you have in mind what you'd like your quilting project to be? Any ideas on blocks or color schemes? Will you be making your quilt for someone else? or for yourself?

I am going to have square within a square blocks, kinda like Jacquie's modern blocks. I can't wait for my month!


Angela said...

I am not sure why the post is all crazy...I am too tired to try to fix it......hope it makes some sense.

punkin said...

Ok so we both can move to Colorado...that is my fav place!!! :)