Friday, April 30, 2010

May Will Be Quilts of Valor Month...

So I do a lot of work with some quilting friends on making Quilts of Valor.    I collect 12 inch blocks from a bunch of quilting friends and turn them into samplers.  Here are a few that we've done:

We've decided to give our new bee a trial run during the month of May.  I'll provide a focus fabric and pattern to use for all 12 members and we will each return our blocks the following month.  I'll turn them into a sampler like the ones above.  I will find a quilter who is willing to volunteer to quilt it and then we'll send it to a wounded soldier.  Very exciting!

Stay tuned... I have picked out the fabric we will be using and the pattern...  It's one of my favorite blocks and it's not too difficult...  The fabric is a really bold red fabric and it'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with...

If you're planning on attending the Sewing Saturday tomorrow at KCMQG, I'll be there and I'll have the QOV kit ready to pass out.  If not, I'll have it in an envelope with your name on it at the May meeting.  For those people who aren't able to come to either event, we'll work something out so that you get the kit. 

Thanks for your willingness to donate your time and a block to this worthy cause!  Looking forward to getting started!!!

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