Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ButterFlieS obtw! ... {Oh By The Way}

Signature Blocks! 
... one of those, "i can't believe i didn't remember!" moments ...

PLEASE, purdy pleeze with a cherry on top ... with a few of the scraps, or what not's ... would you please sign your name on a piece of whatever... and i'm going to make a crazy patch with all our names on it for the back ...Label!  ... if you want, include your BLOG/Flickr Name/info.  cuz that would be fun! ...

OH and I'm loving the  Butterflies!!!  
( i tried to comment the other night, but my computer was being stupid!)

... busy busy getting ppl moved 
and off to work on putting my studio together! 
... I MEAN, work on SON/DIL wedding invites .
.. NAP?

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Nikki said...

can do, buckaroo!