Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Butterflies for Toni

Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts is one of my favorite blogs.  Amy has become one of my invisible friends and I love her color choices and ideas.  Not long ago she featured a butterfly quilt she is creating and I immediately thought of it when I learned that Toni was going to do a butterfly theme for August. I used her tutorial to make these blocks.  I had to piece Toni's fabrics in order to make them big enough for the pattern, but then butterflies are multicolored, so I thought it worked okay. The individual butterflies are 6.5 inches.  I did not sew them all together just in case Toni wants to use them separately.  (I did not do anything with the beautiful thread either....I'm not very good at that type of thing!) This was a fun block to make and I may be making some more of these for another virtual bee I am in!
Happy quilting,


Nikki said...

Fabulous job!!! I've had company this week and haven't started mine yet... Must play in my attic this weekend!

ScrappyStuff said...

I'm really looking forward to taking these home with me! hope you've had a great month!