Friday, May 7, 2010

June's Block for Nikki

I have been busy.  Had some time, so I escaped a couple of days and did some sewing!  Even went to a quilt shop to get a little more fabric to make this block just right.  Here's my version of the block I'm asking you to make for me for June... Remember that it's not really due until our July meeting:

I am very happy with it!  The only requirement I'm giving you all is to use the flowered fabric in the center of the block.  You can do anything with it that you'd like.  I used a square in a square for this one, but I am thinking of making one or two more blocks with some scraps I had left.  Would be nice to have an extra or two.  I will probably make the next one with some 1 inch strips of the flowered fabric in the center somehow...

Thanks, everyone!

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