Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mary Anne's blocks for the KC Scrappy Bee

Sorry for the crummy background in the photo... my white foam board isn't big enough to fit all four blocks at once, and the only spot with decent natural light during the day is on the kitchen rug.

I will admit to struggling a lot with making these... I think my machine (or maybe it was just me) really had trouble with the paper. I tried pinning, not pinning, holding the paper and fabrics at various angles while sewing... it was kind of a challenge. Part of the problem, I think, is that I have a very basic Singer, and I use it on my kitchen table (which is the only place I can use it right now), so the sewing surface isn't flush with the table.

My other challenge was that I have only made a handful of quilts (four, I think?), so my scrap supply is limited, which meant pulling out various fabrics from my stash and cutting long strips. The upshot is that I now have many strips in my scrap bin! (Also, it's called the "KC Scrappy Bee," so I should've known, right?!)

I tried to incorporate a variety of values and make it as scrappy as possible... I hope I succeeded!


Mary Anne said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that you struggled with them! I had plenty more scraps to share. They did turn out to be VERY pretty! Thanks so very much!

Nancy said...

Oh, no worries, Mary Anne!! Experiences like these are the best teachers. :) Plus, blocks like these are getting me to finally dig into some of the fabrics I've purchased but haven't yet used... now that I've made one cut in those fabrics, I'm much more likely to use them for other stuff!