Monday, April 11, 2011

Touching Base... Updates... Round 2?

Hey, friends!

Just wanted ask if each of you could take a minute to email me and let me know three things:

1.  What's your mailing address?  Some people have moved and I should probably send out an updated spreadsheet.
2.  I know our year isn't quite over yet, but tell me if you have any interest in participating in another round of this bee.  It would last another year (from June of 2011 to May of 2012).  If not, it's not a problem, but I'd like to have time to find a replacement for you.  If so, let me know if you have a preference on which month you'd like to claim on the next go around.  *I think it's worked well that our KC Scrappy Bee members all belong to KCMQG, so I'd like to make that a requirement for all 12 members for the next round.*
3.  Would you like to continue with the same rules/guidelines from this past year (1 big block or two smallish blocks, sending a focus fabric and using scraps from our stashes unless otherwise stated by the hostess, bringing blocks to the meeting/picking up kits, etc.)?  Or do you have anything you'd like to change?

I personally have learned a LOT from you girlies and am really looking forward to another fun year of creating with you all.  If you're feeling like sitting out or moving on, just let me know.  No problem at all.


*** Update:  So far, Hannah, Carla, Angela, Jessica, Whitney and Parthena have decided they're not joining us on the next round.  Toni, Nikki, Jaime, Paula, Andrea and Beth are in for another year.  Nancy, Steph, Denise and Caitlin are going to join us for the new round...  I've asked 2 or 3 others if they'd like to join us.  I'll let you know our final roster soon!


Proud_Dad said...

I am going to opt out of the next round. Learned alot and loved it but need to focus on other life beings and things for the moment. I also am not as good as all of you so I'll join when I'm a better quilter. It's been fun though!

Anonymous said...

Above comment was from Parthena. Accidentally signed in as my husband. :) Oh, did I mention I have to find my brain too before I do anything else.