Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finish - Carla's Blocks

Here are the four finished blocks for Carla.  I made four more also just because! I just happen to have a bit of white and charcoal on my shelf!  What a fun quilt this would be.  I have put the corner template and the instructions with the tutorial info in a baggie and stuck them on my bulletin board as I know this quilt has a place in my future!

To make these 8 blocks this is what I pulled out of my stash in Carla's requested color scheme;
I was good and I folded and put all of this pile back on the shelves this morning.  I love using my stash.  Anyway, thanks Carla for a great block.  I am looking forward to making one for my self.  See you on the 10th!


Carla said...

Thank you, Paula! You have a nice stash!!!

ScrappyStuff said...

I'm looking fw to seeing this together!